Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Space: the magazine

Advertising Age magazine reported today that My Space, the phenomenally popular personal Web space community, is moving into a new format — a print magazine. Click here to read the article. (Note: You must register with AdAge to read their content, and it expires after a week or so.)


Carmona said...

Myspace – The Magazine, sounds like a potentially lucrative venture. However, as most know, the advertising on Myspace – The website, is catered to the demographics that it’s users pre-select. To successfully advertise in the magazine format I would suspect subscribers would have to do something similar. Undoubtedly, there will be underrepresented groups, which could lead to a backlash against the Myspace brand. Personally, I like my Myspace in its web format and wouldn’t spend my money for information that in all likelihood can be found on the site.

Ramy Lotfy said...

My Space Magazine:

I don't know why a successful website such as My Space would even consider publishing a magazine. If you ask me it's definitely not necessary. My Space is unbelievably popular among people my age but it started on the internet. Nobody would read the magazine because these days everyone has a computer and it's a lot more convenient then a stupid magazine. I have no idea what the contents of the magazine will have in it, but it seems like an unsuccessful experiment.

Ramy Lotfy