Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's just like American Idol

By the time they get to the last few weeks of American Idol, when they're down to the ten finalists, you know quite a few things:

You know those ten finalists have all launched a career in the music industry. You know their names, their state, and quite a bit about them as people. You like some of them better than others. It hardly matters who wins, all the finalists are famous. Remember, Clay Aitken didn't win.

The Chevy Super Bowl College Ad Challenge is like that.

There's no doubt that Anna Pogosova, LouLou Quintela, and Kelly Sherman (as well as the other eight students who were finalists) have all launched their careers in the advertising industry.

When that reality show begins airing on CBS.com, all of America will get to know Kelly, LouLou, and Anna as people. They will learn the name San Jose State. And they'll be rooting for Team San Jose.

By the time Super Bowl Sunday rolls around, all of America will know the names of those 11 students and their schools: Savannah College of Art & Design, Washington University, University of Wisconsin, Elon, and San Jose State.

Of course, all we care about is San Jose State! Go SJSU!


CA McCune said...

OK, I'm finally caught up on the adventures of Kelly, LouLou and Anna. It sounds like it was a great experience. I can't wait to watch the reality show!

Lilly, thanks for blogging it!

Anonymous said...

Go prof. Lilly's group, and go SJSU.........of course, I may be a little prejudiced. She's my niece! Go team!