Sunday, October 29, 2006

More about Sunday in Detroit

Kelly, Anna, and LouLou have been given a silver Chevy Equinox to drive for the weekend. Kelly usually drives, while Anna navigates from the back seat. They let me sit in the front because "I'm the adult."

and so that I can take pictures of important landmarks, like this:

and this one, the headquarters of the largest corporation in the world:

Besides participating in this national advertising competition as one of only five teams from the entire United States, Kelly, LouLou, and Anna took time out for other challenges. Here, they discover Canada:


Amir said...

I like how you describe them as having "discovered" Canada despite it already being populated for more than a hundreds of years by other people. I think the American attitude is getting to you already Prof. Buchwitz.

cindy said...

awsome pictures!

Lauren_G said...

Hahaha. This is funny. Those other people look weird, they definitely shouldn't win.