Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Super Bowl ads may be downright amateurish"

That is, according to a recent story in USA Today.

I disagree. I saw the advertising concepts created for Chevrolet by the students from Elon, Wisconsin, Savannah, and Washington University; and, of course, the concept created by SJSU's own Kelly Sherman, LouLou Quintela, and Anna Pogosova. And they were not at all amateurish.

All five student teams created intelligent, sophisticated, original, clever ads for Chevrolet. That's why they were chosen from hundreds of entries from across the country.

That's Ed Peper, the General Manager of Chevrolet, saying hello to Kelly and LouLou. He didn't think the students' ideas were amateurish, either.

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Anonymous said...

thanks lilly! i feel the same way.