Thursday, November 02, 2006

This story is far from over

When LouLou, Kelly, and Anna arrived at SFO on Monday night there was a small but enthusiastic welcoming committee awaiting them — complete with flowers and a sign. (That sign is outside my office, DBH 104, if you'd like to stop by and see it.)

Though our trip to Detroit is over, this story is far from it. Between now and Super Bowl Sunday you'll be hearing, and seeing, a lot more about Kelly, Anna, LouLou, and SJSU. You'll also get to know Katie from U-Wisconsin Milwaukee; Nathan, Hubert, and Shlomo from Washington University; Kiley and Tyler from Elon; and Sean and Masso from Savannah. All eleven students have made their universities proud — and famous. And all now have a launching pad for a career in advertising.

The reality show will begin airing in a couple of weeks. I'm keeping an eye on Advertising Age magazine for mentions. There might be a trip to New York for the students to appear on The Today Show. Who knows, Katie Couric herself might want to interview them.

In the mean time, I'll be posting some more pictures from last weekend here. So keep watching and reading. As soon as there's something to announce, I will announce it here.

In three months, on Super Bowl Sunday, during the pre-game special on the greatest Super Bowl ads, everyone in America will learn the names Kelly Sherman, LouLou Quintela, Anna Pogosova — and San Jose State University.


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