Friday, August 25, 2006

New course in Journalism at SJSU

At the SJSU Bloggers meeting last night I met Steve Sloan, who is the head of the help desk at SJSU, and also a faculty member in the School of Journalism. Did you know that Robert Scoble is a graduate of our School? (Do you know who Robert Scoble is? If not, click on that link and find out.)

Steve told me about a new course being offered this semester for the first time. It's Journalism 163, New Media and Journalism. You'll learn all about blogs and podcasts. And if you're serious about journalism as a career, you need to have a blog. It's the first thing your prospective employer will ask you. (And, by the way, MySpace doesn't count.)

The class, 163, meets Tuesday nights, 6:00 - 8:45 in the lab on the second floor of DBH. Enrollment is limited, so if you're interested go sign up today.


Amir said...

I deleted the last one because I made a spelling error.

Do employers seriously ask you if you have a blog? I always found blogging to be a form of self entertainment rather than a journalistic tool. What does a blog demonstrate to a perspective employer?

Lilly Buchwitz said...

There are different kinds of blogs. MySpace, for example, is a hangout for kids; it's not serious blogging. Serious bloggers use Blogware or Wordpress, or other tools that you have to pay for. Or they use Google's Blogger, which is free. But journalists are writers, and blogging is about writing, and I've never met a journalist yet who didn't have a blog. And yes, if you interview with a magazine or newspaper they'll ask what you've written. Your blog is part of your portfolio.

Steve Sloan said...

How can you be a journalist in these times and not have a blog? The ability to have global reach so easily is amazing. I think most folks stii do not understand the significance of that. I was suprised by a journalism student last week who asked me, "what is a podcast?" I think in the long term this is bigger than the Gutenberg press.