Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What it's like to be filmed for a reality show

Cameras follow you everywhere, except to the bathroom. This is Marie Standing, Team SJSU's producer, and the rest of her team. Each of the five finalist teams had a dedicated camera crew.

See all those wires Marie is wearing? She was in constant contact with Ted, the producer of the reality show, as well as with Eric, the sound guy and the cameraman. And she could listen in on what all of us were saying, too.

This is Ted, talking into his shirt, probably to Marie.

Being shadowed by a camera crew all day for four days straight has its frustrating moments, but when we realized it was time to say goodbye to Marie, we were all sad.

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Anonymous said...

Man I really miss Ted and my film crew, it's so cool how each team was able to get to know their crew.

Sean, Team SCAD