Sunday, October 29, 2006

The competition: North Carolina

This is Tyler Lesch and Kiley Moorefield. They're from Elon University in North Carolina.

Their storyboards were made up of cutouts of the Chevrolet cars, pasted onto street scenes, with hand-drawn stick figures to show where the people would be. And that worked just fine — they're here, aren't they?

When you're pitching an ad concept, it doesn't matter what your storyboards look like. What matters is your story.

We like Tyler and Kiley very much. But not enough to let them beat us.


Anonymous said...

Great job Elon, I can tell your really passionate about your ideas and your concept was killer.

Sean, team SCAD

Anonymous said...

Dear LouLou how come you weren't in class today? You're an ad star & you wasn't here. I'm gone. Only group members left available died. They're not in class. I'm there every day and I'm not a ad star. Nice knowing y'all & good luck on your ad. I did a Heineken card 2 years ago on my ecard web site please see
Got sound?

Why some people don't watch the super bowl is poor reception of the station it's shown on. Their broadcast tower points away from us instead of towards us. Also please see for my Kite Runner ad project. I read the whole book, it's a good book, I reccommend it to people. I'm waiting on the Library to get his next book. Your ecard star Candy Russell, ad fan