Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Best of your blogs last week

Mimi starts this post off with a great cartoon, but what's really interesting is what she writes afterwards, about The City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism being awarded a grant to write an online rule book to educate bloggers about the legal risks to blogging. There's even a link to a list of all the lawsuits involving bloggers to date.

Nicole discovers Harper's magazine, arguably the best magazine published in the United States.

Kelley tells us about a new TV show that's worth watching.

Kim proves she has become a more critical media consumer since this course began.

The kudos list is short this week, because approximately 1/3 of you didn't write anything. Usually I enjoy reading your blogs. In terms of marking and other usually dry or tedious teacher duties, your blogs are the highlight of my week. But this week, it was depressing, because I had to give about 25 of you 0/10 for this week's blog evaluation.

Most of you, when you do write, you write great stuff. You could so easily get an A on this assignment — and I mean all of you. But just one week of no posts, and you've pushed yourself out of A contention. And that's a shame.

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