Thursday, November 09, 2006

Group presentations, evaluations, and final exam: some reminders

The schedule for group presentations and evaluations is posted on the course website.

Please refer to the course outline (also available on the course website) for detailed instructions about the presentations and the evaluations.

Evaluating groups:

Your written evaluation is worth 5% of your grade. You must watch the movie, or read the book, or familiarize yourself with the media choice of the group you will evaluate. Your evaluation of the other group’s presentation requires a one page (no cover page, just one sheet of paper), approximately 500 word written evaluation, including the grade you would give them if it were up to you. Your grade will be based on your ability to explain and justify your evaluation, in other words, on your critical and writing skills. I'm using the word "you" in the plural here; it's one evaluation report per group. Make sure you put everyone's name on it. You all get the same grade. Your evaluation is due the day of the next class meeting.

An important note for both presenting and evaluating groups: All members of the group must be present in class the day of their presentation, and on the day of the presentation they will evaluate. Any member who is absent that day, barring exceptional circumstances, will receive an F for that part of the assignment.

NO LATECOMERS. If your group is presenting or evaluating second, you still MUST be there at the beginning of the class. It is simply rude, and therefore unacceptable, to walk in or out once a group has begun their presentation. DON'T EVEN TRY to walk in late. I'll just send you back out, and you'll get an F. I mean it.

And yes, you are still required to do your blog entries for every class meeting. That means not Thanksgiving Thursday when there's no class, but the last day of classes when there is. The last day of classes is December 7.

The final exam will be held in the classroom on Thursday, December 14 from 9:45 - noon. The format will be 100 multiple choice questions, based on the assigned chapters in the textbook.

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