Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blogcademy Awards: Best of your movie reviews

The blog assignment for last week was to write a movie review of "A Face In The Crowd," the 1957 that made Andy Griffith a star, and which paints a dark picture of the power of the mass media that's even more relevant today. Fifty five students wrote reviews, and published them on their blogs. Here are my picks for various ad-hoc Blogcademy Awards:

Best title of a review: Joella Rochon and Megan Palermo

Best alternate title of the movie: Jessica Chavez

Best comparison of Lonesome Rhodes to another famous Arkansas boy: Andrea Frainier.

Best Lonesome Rhodes namecalling: Jeff Macias

Best comment on Lonesome Rhodes's annoying laugh: Kim Tsao

Best use of the word tryst: Kelley Lugea

Best research: Ryan Kunis

Best Paris Hilton burn: Danny Pham

Best wrap-up sentence: Mimi Sanouvong

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