Friday, October 20, 2006

Canadian Politician Gets Dooced

Garth Turner, Member of Parliament (MP) for the riding of Halton, in Ontario, was turfed from the Conservative Party caucus this week because of his blog. Seems he called our prime minister a "Bush clone." Tsk, tsk.

The moral of the story: before you blog about your job, read Dooce.


M Sanouvong said...

There was a Google applicant that did not get a job because of his blog. While going through multiple interviews, he kept blogging about the "stupid things" he experienced at Google. This person didn't get DOOCED, I guess he got PRE-DOOCED! Haha.

M Sanouvong said...

And another one bites the DOOCE!

Apparently, a former employee for the Human Rights Campaign has been dooced for blogging the first publication of the scandalous Foley emails.