Friday, October 20, 2006

Group presentations start in three weeks

Apologies for what will sound like nagging to those of you who have signed up for a topic and have already begun working on your presentation. Feel free to ignore this.

Everyone else, listen up:

The group presentations will begin in three weeks and what I don't want to see happening is groups or individuals scrambling at the last minute.

There is still one group (the Puff Daddy presenters) on the signup list that has six people, and needs to be five people. You need to tell me who the final five people in your group are. I will not "kick" someone out of your group for you. And I will not accept you coming to class on November 28 and saying, sorry, we didn't know we couldn't have six people. So don't try that approach. I simply won't allow you to do your presentation that day, which means you won't be able to do it at all, which means you'll all get Fs. Sound harsh? It's only harsh if I end up having to do that, but I'm sure it won't get to that point.

Now that we know that one of the students on the class roster is an "Other," as Faith put it, I've done the math again and there's going to have to be one group of four people. Whoever emails me first and says "We are a group of four" gets it; the remaining groups not yet formed will have to be five. Incidentally, Puff Daddy people, you might want to spin off two of your members to form another group, leaving you with four. Think about it, but decide quickly.

Some of you have been changing your topics, and that's fine, but there will have to be a line-drawing point after which no more changes are allowed, and I think what that's going to be is this: Once a group has signed up to evaluate your presentation, you can no longer change your presentation topic.

So, if you are one of the nine students whose name is not on that signup list, this is my final reminder that it is up to you to get yourselves into groups of the appropriate number, choose a topic, and tell me what it is. I will not put you into a group, and I will not assign you a topic. If the "T.B.D." day comes and no group has given me their information, well, it'll be an early class for the rest of the students and an easy marking job for me. Much though I might enjoy the break, I know you won't enjoy the F, so please don't let that happen.


Juju said...

hay is there any other people in the class that needs to form a group. even if its one with four people because i know that there are 9 people that dont have a group. I just found out this weekand that my group had to cut down to 5 so i left so please anyone who reads this send me a comment so we can get this going ok. We dont need an F.

Juju said...

Oh yea and my name is Julian Harris if you were wondering