Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where else you can blog about the big news

I'll be posting here as often as I can from Detroit this weekend, and I'll try to get Kelly, LouLou, and Anna to write about their experiences too.

I encourage you to write about SJSU in the news in your own blogs. Follow the Detroit media online — there might be a story about us this weekend. Keep your eye on the Chevrolet website, in their "news" section, too. Try Google News, and Yahoo News, for press releases and other items related to the Chevy Super Bowl College Ad Challenge.

(I don't even know yet who the other four finalist colleges are. Do you?)

Cynthia McCune is the JMC webmaster, and she's following the story too. She encourages you all to watch and comment on the School of Journalism & Mass Communications blog.

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