Saturday, October 14, 2006

Spam comments

You know what spam is, when you find it in your email inbox. Well, what's new in spam is not the black pepper flavor, it's spam in your blog comments.

One of the downsides of allowing anyone to be able to comment on your blog is that spammers will leave comments. They employ troll programs to find new blogs, much in the same way as they employ troll programs to find and create email addresses.

Remember that you have the ultimate control over your blog. If you find spam in your comments box, excercise your power to delete it.


Kelley Lugea said...

I think you will find this article from the Mercury intersting. It talks about how the television industry has recently been making every effort to sell its product online and avoid the mistakes the music industry made in fighting it. Kind of proves your point.

cindy said...

Thanks for pointing that out! I didn't even realize that. But I guess what I meant was that he's good at expressing his thoughts and ideas.. but then again.. he doesn't pronounce a lot of words properly. haha. Hint: He's a cartoon character from a show on Nickolodeon.