Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Your blogging assignment for this week

This week I'm assigning only one blog entry, which is due on your blog before next Tuesday's class. You are, of course, free to write as many blog entries as you like, but this is the only one that will "count" as far as my evaluation goes.

Your assignment is to write a review of the movie "A Face In The Crowd."

As I pointed out here, the best way to learn to write in a particular style is to read that style, and try to imitate it. So, read some movie reviews before you write one. Another tip: if you need to look up details, such as a character's name, use The Internet Movie Database.

Write your movie review as though it were being published in a national magazine such as Newsweek or People. Use appropriate language for a mass audience.

You may write the review from one of two perspectives, but you must choose one or the other, and make sure it is clear to me, as your reader, which perspective you have taken. Either write your review of the movie from today's perspective, as a classic, for example, on the occasion of a 50th anniversary release of the movie on DVD; or write it from the perspective of a movie reviewer in 1957, when the movie was first released in theaters.

When you post your movie review on your blog, give it a title similar to the titles given to movie reviews in magazines. Something like, "Kazan's 'Face' a Slap In The Face."

(No, you can't use that one! Make up your own. :-)

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