Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blog shout-outs this week


Jason Goldstein, for the hilarious and spot-on satirical South Park video.

Amir Massood, for writing, "If you don't consider Paris Hilton releasing a music record an injustice, you should stop listening to music."

Chris Bausinger, for pointing out an interesting new Web site and business idea called Turn Here.

The Blog of Faith, for finding and sharing clever blog satire on Wired. Oh, and for telling me about Deadjournal. Who knew?

I'm looking forward to reading your ideas for how to fix what's wrong with the music industry. (If you want to listen to the show again, or to some of the other episodes of The Ongoing History of New Music — there's one called "Why Musicians Hate Their Record Companies" — click here.

P.S.: I emailed Alan Cross and let him know what we're doing. Who knows, maybe he'll read your blog and leave a comment!

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