Monday, September 25, 2006

Blogger shout-outs this week

Though Kelley Lugea doesn't say who else makes up the "we" in her partially formed group, she did an incredible job using her blog effectively to fill up her group. In fact, she says more than 20 people contacted her wanting to be in her group. See what you can do with your blog when you put your mind to it? Obviously, not everyone can be in her group but those of you who don't get in, follow her example and do what she did.

The updated group presentation shedule was just posted here. It's only about half full, so please claim your date and topic as soon as you have a topic. Then you can do what Kelley did, and build your group around it. Remember, topics, presentation dates, and evaluation topics (which no groups have chosen yet) are all first come, first served. (For those 15 students who wanted to do Sex And The City but didn't get into Kelley's group, why not sign your group up to evaluate Kelley's group's presentation?)

Other noteworthy blog reading last week from your classmates:

Mimi Sanouvong discovered something called "Book Crossing." Check it out.

Andrew Balingit finds, and directs us to, a list of ways to build better blogs.

Faith Chihil encourages us to think outside the elephant.

Cindy Diep shares some original propaganda with us — she created it!

Kelley Lugea systematically shows us how George Bush uses propaganda.

Rossa Dono found some interesting propaganda videos... but I can't seem to get them to work on my computer. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Truth Esguerra explains how music can be propaganda.

Andrea Frainier discusses the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as propaganda.

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