Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blog shout-outs this week

Blogger shout-outs this week to:

Chris Bausinger, for the hilarious "Mac vs. PC" cartoon. Finally, someone brave enough to challenge that which has been proclaimed cool.

Faith Chihil, for telling us about Sellaband.

Andrew Balingit, for Digg-linking his stories. If you don't know what Digg is, click here to find out.

Nicole Lieurance, who had Scoble comment on her blog, and her inner geek has emerged. I think she gets what I meant now, about U2. This is kinda like having Bono autograph your CD.

And last, but not least, to Amir, just for having a terrific blog. Everyone else in the class: I want you to click on that link and look at his blog. Read his post about books. The way you learn to be a better writer is to read good writers, and the way you learn about blogging is by reading good blogs, so start with Amir's. Notice, in his post about books, that he has an opinion and he's not afraid to state it, and get behind it. He does research, and links to it to show you; he gives detailed examples to illustrate what he's talking about. And, on top of it all, he has an engaging writing style and he knows how to use an apostrophe. I don't see a single spelling mistake in that post, do you? That's what gives you credibility as a writer of any kind, and especially as a journalist.

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