Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Watch TV Tonight for this "Media Milestone"

Hot blog topic of the day: Katie Couric debuts tonight as the host of the CBS Evening News.


Kelley said...

Completely unrelated but I thought you might see it here before you checked my page again. New season of Lost begins October 4! Later than usual but due to several complaints from ther diehard fanbase about too many breaks during the regular season, they will air 6 straight episodes in a row. Then they will have a "mid-season finale" and then be back like around february for the final 12 episodes without repeats.

Loan said...

Another unrelated subject but I was wondering if you can post what type of media consumer you are?

Lilly Buchwitz said...

I'd describe myself as, "Can't consume any media without considering how to use this in the classroom."


Working hard right now on the problem of making "Lost" relevant when we get to the module on television... :-)