Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Television: the most powerful mass medium ever created

Do you agree with that statement?

In Thursday's class we're going to watch a movie that's about television and your blog assignment for next week will be to write a review of it, as though you were writing for a magazine.

How's that for mixed media?

The movie is called "A Face In The Crowd." We'll be watching the first half this Thursday, and the rest next Tuesday.

Reminder: next week's topic is film. There are three films listed on the course outline, which you are required to watch by next Thursday's class. (Not Tuesday, as stated in the course outline.) What we'll be doing in that class is an exercise that will prepare you for your group presentations, and we'll be using those three movies to do it. So get Netflixing. Make it a movie night with your friends — or your group members. Use your blogs to find, trade, and share the movies. And a wide screen TV, if you have one.

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