Thursday, September 21, 2006

Technical help with your blogs

Joella Rochon has found some information that may be of help to some of you. She says:

"Blogger's text formatting buttons only officially work in Internet Explorer 5.5+/Windows, and the cross-platform Mozilla family of browsers (Mozilla 1.6+ and Firefox 0.9+). I only know this because I have writing all my blogs on my boyfriend's computer while mine was being repaired. He has Mozilla, but when I tried to use Safari on my computer, it wouldn't work. There were only two tools, one to add a picture and spellcheck. This may be why some people are having a difficult time adding links. If they have only ever used Safari to write their blogs, they wouldn't know certain tools were even missing. Hope this helps some people!"

I asked her to look into what Blogger's help pages have to say about this, and this is what she found:

"I guess it has to do with which browsers will support javascript (which is what the editing features rely on). It says that Dave Hyatt, one of Safari's developers, blogged that a a new version of Safari, which will support HTML editing, is coming soon, and when it is available, blogger will support it as well. Here is the link to blogger with all the information."

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