Friday, September 15, 2006

Suggestions for forming your groups

I've been doing the math and there are 73 students, seven class periods scheduled for presentations, two presentations per class at a half an hour each. That means you need to form 11 groups of five people, and three groups of six people.

I know most of you are strangers to each other, and you don't have much time before/in/after the class to try to work out your groups, so I encourage you to use your blogs to hook up. Here are some suggestions for how to go about it:

If you have what you think is a really good idea for a media topic, post it on your blog and invite others to contact you if they also want to do that topic.

If you have two or three in your group, and you've picked a topic, post that on your blog and say how many others you're looking for.

Browse the class blogs and see what others have posted, and contact them. All the links are in the blogroll on my blog.

Make sure to give people a way to contact you! You can include your email address in your blogger profile, or in your template. Or you can make a "mail-to" link in your post, so that people can just click on it and email you. One caveat: posting your email address on a Web site makes you succeptible to spam trawlers or robots. One way to avoid that is to disguise your email address. Say something like, "You can contact me at debbiesue at Gmail." Humans can understand that, but spam robots can't.

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